Special Needs

Are you looking to plan and protect for the long-term care of your child or family member with a developmental disability?

Our firm’s founder Joe Eppy is well known as a godfather of special needs planning. Starting back in 1993 when the estate planning laws changed to allow more advanced planning for individuals with developmental disabilities. Joe’s son Craig joined the firm in 2011 and began passing his knowledge on to Craig who has become an expert himself and developed a special place in his heart for assisting families in need.

We specialize in assisting you as you tackle these planning obstacles, helping to create a great plan that is ready to use the variety of resources and benefits that available to you. Working with one of our special needs planners will help insure you are taking advantage of the programs and planning techniques available for your loved ones.

In addition to the planning and advice, our firm also provide a suite of technology to help your family keep all the important financial, legal and life documents in order; so that the next caregiver can be well prepared when that day arrives.


    What is Special Needs Planning?

    For parents of a loved one with special needs, there is a poignant realization that there may come a time, through sickness, disability or death, when you will not be able to provide care for your loverd one. Planning involves a broad range of decisions designed to help secure the future of loved ones with special needs. A Special Needs Planner can work with you and your other advisors - your banker, accountant, lawyer, social workers and health care providers – to review your financial picture and offer options that make sense for your situation.

    Key issues to consider are:


    Because there is so much to learn regarding this type of planning, it is our goal to be a resource for you. One of our most effective ways to do this is through group presentations. This is done in an informal format where attendees are welcome to interact with the presenter. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about how we may be able to interact in a group setting to educate parents and caregivers.

    Special Needs Planning is critical to help secure the future of your child. Make the decision to begin the process now. Contact us for more information.

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