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“It’s not enough to be good at what you do, or like what you do, You have to have passion for what you do…”
- Robert Mondavi to Joe Eppy, 2004

We are passionate in our pursuit to provide excellence! Our clients rely on us to help them secure their future and help protect the ones they love, and we take that responsibility seriously. We “get it” because although our company has grown significantly, our roots began and will always be as “a family”.

We know that trust is crucial in making any relationship work and we strive to create, maintain and enhance our relationships through our commitment to act ethically and with integrity. We prepare our clients to accumulate and use their wealth, now and through retirement, with a keen focus on tax efficiency, asset protection and legacy planning.

One of our strongest successes lies in helping clients who are concerned with maintaining lifestyle once they are no longer wanting or able to maintain a paycheck. We help them navigate cash flow fluctuations, taxes, lost opportunity and reallocations; a common thread of frustrations that can interfere with financial independence. Making financial decisions out of choice, not out of necessity, is the financial independence many our clients are seeking. At Levanti Wealth, we believe a strong defensive plan is essential to growing wealth; a measure often overlooked by other.

Our fundamental approach revolves around client education; which facilitates our clients’ ability to make well informed decisions.

Businesses also require an advanced skill set and we have advisors to help navigate those needs.

We craft and implement from the very simple to complex strategies for estate, personal, charitable and special needs.

Our investment division at Levanti Wealth fosters the client relationship and provides access to top rated fiduciaries who professionally manage wealth.

Community and giving back is a core component of Levanti Wealth. We give our time, talent and money, with heart and purpose, to better the world around us. Please visit our Giving Back page.

Located in the heart of Las Olas in downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida, we have been based in Broward County since 1993. We have strongly vetted alliances with other advisors and business leaders in the community to share with our clients.

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